The Massive three Vehicle Audio Wiring Upgrade

The “Massive three” is a quite simple mod to your car's electrical method that will enable it keep larger voltages for a lot more energy hungry amplifiers. If you have ever measured your voltage drop when playing music with the volume to the max with your engine operating, you will see that as an alternative of reading 14.4v or 13.eight (based on car or truck), your voltmeter will study 13v, 12v, or even decrease! You can effortlessly inform if you happen to be experiencing these voltage drops by watching your headlights. If they dim though playing your method, you most undoubtedly have voltage drop going on. This voltage drop could potentially trigger harm to your amp if it is important sufficient. I had a Treo SSX 1500.1 blow mainly because I was letting my voltage drop to about 9-10v, which the amp did not like quite significantly.

What causes this challenge are the stock, modest gauge wires utilized to connect different electrical elements. The stock wire is commonly eight gauge, which is adequate sufficient for roughly 50 amps. Massive amplifiers can pull up and more than 200-300amps, so now you see the challenge.

When carrying out this mod, three runs of wire will need to have to be installed. They are:

  1. Battery optimistic (+) to alternator – From the optimistic terminal on your battery to the alternator optimistic (+) post
  2. Engine block to chassis ground – From engine block to chasis. This is to strengthen the ground.
  3. Battery ground (-) to chassis ground – From the unfavorable terminal on your battery to your car's chassis.

I suggest utilizing 1/ gauge wire. You could use four gauge wire if that is all you have laying about, but you may as effectively use 1/ the initial time so you will not have to go back if you choose to upgrade your method later on down the road. The wire I utilized was Knu Konceptz 1/ Kollosus Kable You will also need to have 1/ ring terminals to terminate the ends of the wire.

Ahead of you do something, make positive to be protected. Disconnect the wire from the unfavorable terminal of your battery ahead of you commence. This tends to make an incomplete circuit and keeps you protected from sustaining electrical injuries.

Initially, measure a length of wire to go from your battery optimistic (+) terminal to your alternator. Make positive to leave a small bit of slack, about six inches, so you will be capable to position the cable freely. Terminate the ends of the cable with ring terminals, then connect the wire from battery optimistic (+) terminal to your alternator. There could be a plastic tab on the alternator post. If there is, go ahead and break it off it is what I had to do. If you do not eliminate the plastic tab, you will not be capable to eliminate the nut off of the terminal post.

Adding a fuse to go in involving the battery optimistic (+) and the alternator is very advised, but not essential. There is a modest likelihood that the wire will come shed and quick out, but it is a likelihood some persons do not want to take. On the contrary, I have had no issues in the two years I've had the significant three installed though operating an unfused wire.

The subsequent step is to run a wire from your engine block to your car's chassis. This step could be tricky mainly because you could have a difficult time discovering a spot on the engine block to attach your wire. Appear for a non-crucial bolt do not use a bolt that holds fluids back.

From there, you then need to have to attach the other finish of the wire to your chassis ground place. This ground can be anyplace on your car's chassis/frame, but make positive that you have metal-to-metal make contact with with the terminal and your ground place. A fantastic start out is to comply with your stock ground wire back to its grounding place. If there is paint on the ground place you have selected, you ought to sand it off till it is bare metal to guarantee minimal electrical resistance.

Lastly, the final step is to run a wire from your battery's ground (-) terminal to the ground place on the chassis. Measure the wire and be positive to leave a small slack in case you need to have it. Then terminate the ends with ring terminals and attach 1 finish to the unfavorable terminal and the other to your grounding place on your chassis (as observed above).

After you have produced the new, beefier battery ground, you can reduce off, disconnect, do what ever you want to the stock ground wire mainly because it is not required any longer. When you feel you happen to be completed, go ahead and double verify all of your connections producing positive that they are snug and tight.

That is it! The “Massive three” is now completed. You really should notice a distinction in voltage when playing your method at max volume. Ahead of I did this upgrade, my voltage was at about 10v below heavy load. Soon after carrying out the “Massive three” upgrade, my voltage below heavy load was stabilized at about 11v. Rather a big distinction for how significantly you spent on the wire and terminals. That is why the “Massive three” is regarded as the initial electrical upgrade you really should do to guarantee constant energy to your amplifiers.

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