Leading 5 Theme Parks

5. Thorpe Park

Our major 5 theme parks start off with Thorpe Park situated appropriate right here in the UK. The Nemesis is the star attraction right here you will have in all probability noticed the tv adverts of the decent into the dark volcano. Expertise the rollercoaster's intense, intense ride that will have you pumping complete of adrenaline, enormous drops and speedy turns will leave you disorientated and exhilarated at the very same time. This is the primary attraction but there is lots to cater for the younger men and women as well.

This park is most effective for thrill seekers.

4. Chessington

At quantity 4 we have Chessington which is a wonderful location for the younger children and teenagers. They have numerous new attractions which includes Beanoland and the Bubbleworks ride which is a water ride for the household filled with foam. Then there is Dragon's Fury, a rollercoaster all the household will take pleasure in and Vampire which is one particular not as well miss, wonderful entertaining but not as well speedy.

Chessington theme park is for households with younger children or teenagers.

3. Disneyland Resort California

California is the dwelling of two Disney theme parks, the Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. There are also 3 resort hotels plus a purchasing district to hold you entertained.

There you can come across new attractions and themed experiences that coincide with new Disney films. In these resorts you can meet all the Disney cast members which the children will certainly adore. The resorts will hold the complete household entertained in this magical location.

These parks are most effective for children as properly as adults of any age.

2. Disneyland Paris

In at quantity two is the globe of Disney in Paris. There is Disney Village which is complete of entertainment day and evening. There are seven Disney hotels, seven! Keep there to have the complete Disney globe encounter. No one particular does theme parks bustenhancers as properly as Walt Disney and Paris is no exception. There are entertaining filled rides for the complete household, possibilities to meet the children favourites characters, parades, shows all completed off the incredible Disney service.

Disneyland Resort Paris is for the complete household.

1. Walt Disney Planet Florida

The most effective theme park in the globe is Walt Disney Planet in Florida. This is the daddy of all the Disney resorts with 4 theme parks to uncover. There are water parks right here as properly as other entertainment such as dining and purchasing districts, well being spas and golf resorts.

Disney Planet has to be skilled at least as soon as in your lifetime. You can come across all the standard experiences that Disney Planet has to give and a lot more. Go verify out flights to Florida now!

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