A Good Corporate Event Entertainment Company Will Work With Your Budget

When it comes to having a variety of comedians to choose from, some agencies fall short. That they offer the best in entertainment, but in the end all they offer is a very short list of available entertainers that you can choose from. You do not have to settle for this kind of service from your corporate event entertainment company, you can have options and you can choose from a long list of very good entertainers that your company will love to have at their event.

Choosing the right corporate event entertainment company means choosing a company that has years of experience providing quality entertainment from comedians to mentalists and everything in between for corporate events. What’s more, this is a company that understands the need for a budget, especially in these tough economic times, and can provide a long list of entertainers that will work within your budget constraints. This makes it a lot easier for a company to choose quality entertainment without wondering if they could do better.

Anyone who has ever planned a corporate event understands just how important it is to find the right kind of quality entertainment that does not offend a professional audience. A good Comedian Booking agency understands that as well and provides appropriate entertainment for your corporate event entertainment and does not try to push a comedian or entertainer on you that could possibly hurt your professional career. What’s more, they literally work with thousands of entertainers so that they and you have plenty of choices for the big day.

Choosing a good company is great because they aren’t just a local company that provides corporate event entertainment to one city. They have entertainers all over the country so that it is possible for them to send someone to cities all across the United States. What’s more, they have entertainers who will travel as well, and if that is in your budget, you can get a comedian or an entertainer in your city, even if they live somewhere else.

Choosing the right corporate event entertainment company is very important to choosing the right entertainer for your company because they will be able to help you choose the most appropriate entertainer for your company and on a budget that you can afford.

For 25 year, Funny Business Agency has been a top resource for companies and event planners looking for expertise in the corporate entertainment market. With over 3,000 entertainers and events nationwide, Funny Business has provided entertainment for such companies as Legos, General Foods, Kelloggs, Pfizer, Honda Transmissions, Frito Lay, Iams, Proctor & Gamble, Perrigo and more.

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Corporate Event Entertainment Pricing and Choices

There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to corporate event entertainment. Not only do you have to decide on when and where to have the event, but then you have to decide on what type of entertainment and determine who it is in your crowd that you are trying to entertain. Of course if it is a corporate event you are looking for clean entertainment but is this a family event or are you just hosting the employees of your corporation. Either way a significant amount is riding on this event because a flaw would make the corporation look bad.

Plan to spend a little more on your corporate event entertainment then you would say for a wedding or for a friendly get together. As unfortunate as it may sound, the clean entertainment costs a little more. To get a corporate entertainer you need someone with at least 30 minutes to an hour full of material that he can keep the crowd entertained and not offend someone. Think about how hard this would be in a diverse crowd.

You do not necessarily have to go with a comedian, which is sometimes the first type of entertainment that corporate events sponsor. There are other mediums such as jugglers and magicians but even they border on the humorous if they are any good. With the combined talent of juggling and comedy you may be on the verge of a more expensive bill.

Then if you have decided that this corporate event entertainment not only needs to entertain the adults in the room but also you have made it a family event, then there is yet another dimension to the entertainment and possibly the price tag. It would be great to sponsor an event where the entire corporate family as well as the family at home. At this point you may be adding more then a magician or a comedian but someone with his own bag of tricks, so to speak, with a lot of accoutrements to entertain the crowd.

Finding just the right corporate event entertainment can be a bit tricky but set up your guidelines before you approach an outside business to handle the booking of this engagement. Most professional entertainers are booked through an agency and they will have the expertise to guide you in the right area after you have decided on what type of entertaining you plan to do.

For 25 year, Funny Business Agency has been a top resource for companies and event planners looking for expertise in the corporate entertainment market. With over 3,000 entertainers and events nationwide, Funny Business has provided entertainment for such companies as Legos, General Foods, Kelloggs, Pfizer, Honda Transmissions, Frito Lay, Iams, Proctor & Gamble, Perrigo and more.

You can check out more at: http://www.funny-business.com

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Entertainment – 10 Positive Moral & Social Impacts of a Clean Entertainment

Individuals, families, and our society need to spend more time as a family participating in wholesome activities rather than participating in and viewing the immoral and inappropriate entertainment we are daily bombarded by.  How can anyone argue against or dispute the fact that our TV programs, movies, video games, and any other form of entertainment are filled with immorality, violence, foul language, graphic images, and pornography. In addition, an excessive amount of playing video games, watching TV, going to the movies, listening to our iPods, or wasting time on the internet is certainly not helping improve communication and social skills (not to mention intellectual skills).

Similarly, how can anyone not agree with the fact that spending time as a family – yes, even if it is simply playing games – has incredible positive ramifications that the majority of the entertainment of the world does not provide? Because this is true, it should give much more significance to the moral and social ramifications that playing games as a family – or participating in any clean and wholesome entertainment – can have not only for us individually and as a family, but for our entire society.

Below are listed 10 moral and social impacts that playing games can have. As you will notice, there are also incredible intellectual, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits as well (not to mention the increased communication abilities that result). The reality is that these same principles apply to all clean and wholesome entertainment; but for our intents and purposes, we will focus on how playing games actually does have incredibly positive moral and social impacts:

Moral Impacts:

1)The negative moral impact of our society’s media and entertainment:While I recognize that there are certainly positive things that come from the media and entertainment of our society, I am also not ignorant of the fact that the vast majority is extremely sexual, violent, materialistic, indulgent, and pornographic in nature. The effects of this daily bombardment are evident everywhere, demonstrated by the ever-increasing disrespect, idleness, obesity, lustfulness, selfishness, and laziness that plagues our society and diminishes our potential. Again, this is not so much about playing games or even participating in clean entertainment so much as it is about ensuring that individuals, families, and our very society develop the attributes and character necessary for personal happiness, family success, and societal progression.

2)Marriages and families are torn apartI wish it weren’t true, but unfortunately for us all – sex, immorality, and immodesty sells. As a few greedy individuals and companies make a profit from this sleazy material, the realistic and sad result is that – thoughts are corrupted, commitments and responsibilities are discarded, selfishness and temporary gratification become more important than self control, sins and crimes are committed, addictions are developed, families are torn apart, marriages end, and slowly our society’s very foundational values have disintegrated. Keeping thoughts clean, turning away from temptation, or altogether avoiding pornography is becoming increasingly more difficult considering the fact that – the vast majority of movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, advertisements, and websites are immoral, immodest, sexual, and pornographic in nature. We are daily bombarded … and thus daily fighting a battle. It is a battle to keep our thoughts, actions, habits, and character clean and pure and chaste. Again – this is not about playing games – this is about keeping commitments, being faithful to our spouse and children, and ensuring that our marriages and families are not torn apart.

3)Winning and Losing – and the importance to deal appropriately with both: Let’s face it, each one of us will experience much failure and success throughout life. It is one thing to lose a video game in solitude, it is quite another to be defeated in a game with peers or family watching. But learning how to be a humble and fun winner, and also a good sport and not a sore loser will translate appropriately into the other successes and inevitable failures of life.

4)To learn how to follow rules, not cheat, strive for goals, and deal with challenges: If someone can not follow the rules of a game, will they follow the rules of life? Perhaps that is a stretch, but it is important to consider regardless. If someone can learn the important lesson of not cheating in a game, will that translate into their studies, work habits, and relationships? Many games also have ‘missions’ or objectives, and often a player has to implement a strategy or develop an action plan or goals to accomplish that ‘mission.’ Not a bad lesson to learn, in my opinion! And every game certainly has its challenges, set backs, uncontrollable twists and turns – learning how to not only adjust, but deal with them maturely and appropriately is certainly an attribute that can be translated into other areas of life!

5)Avoid the consequences that result from selfish, crude, and lustful entertainment: Perhaps the greatest problem with the vast majority of entertainment of our society is the fact that it is so completely self-gratifying in nature. How often are businesses started, movies made, and shows performed to simply fill time, collect money, and satisfy selfish desires and lusts. Temporary satisfaction, immediate gratification, and discarded integrity and commitments unfortunately replaces the real joy, confidence, health, savings, conscience, and happiness that good, fun, and clean entertainment can provide. Usually the only result of such selfish and lustful entertainment is shame, embarrassment, guilt, time wasted, money lost, responsibilities avoided, commitments disregarded, and even potential legal consequences that seem to inevitably be a companion to such forms of entertainment.

Social Impacts:

6)To have fun and participate in enjoyable, social, and wholesome entertainment: Perhaps most importantly, playing games is just fun! It is recreation, entertainment, and enjoyment – but in a positive, constructive, interacting, and learning environment. Not only can one develop self-esteem, develop a skill or talent, become proud of an accomplishment, or simply develop the ability to interact and work with others – they also have fun! There is something to be said to the simple and positive psychological benefits that will inevitably result when children, teens, adults, groups, and families spend more time playing games together and less time in front of the electronic devises that comparatively can not produce the same positive benefits!

7)Developing the ability to communicate and interact with others: How unfortunate it is that an increasingly large amount of our youth today can not converse with an adult, look them in the eye, or even show any respect for them. Is this so because of the reality that many of our youth are spending much of their waking hours in front of a computer, or playing video games, etc. I am sure there is some correlation. Turning off the TV and computer and playing games (not video games) allows and sometimes forces an individual to interact with, speak to, and be involved with others. Yes, you are just playing a simple game – but hopefully an important skill and attribute is being developed in the process.

8)The ability to work with others in a team environment: In correlation with the above point, playing games allows (forces) an individual to work with, interact with, and play as a team. Again – it is just a silly game right – but welcome to the real world of the absolute necessity of working and dealing with others. From group school projects, to participation in community athletics, to the eventual work-force – learning to work and deal with others, and being part of a ‘team’ is an important skill to develop for the realities of life!

9)The absolute importance of educating, using, and stretching our minds: In my opinion, it takes very little (if any) effort at all to watch a movie, surf the web, or play a video game. Why is high school, college, and that eventual first job so difficult … because a child has not developed the ability to use their mind in a creative, disciplined way. Playing games is not only fun, it requires us to be creative, think fast on our feet, pull out information and facts we once learned, deal with a challenge, etc. Games force our minds to be active, not idle! Games require social interaction, not introverted self-removal. Games use and require a portion of the brain that enhances other aspects of life.

10)Learn from others: One of my most favorite things to do when playing games is simply to observe other players. How do they think, how do they act, how do they deal with victory or defeat, how do they interact with others, etc. The moment an individual steps away from the TV and computer (and its unending negative influences) and starts to interact with and observe others, they will soon find that they can be influenced positively (or even learn from bad examples) by observing and implementing the actions and attributes of others.

In conclusion, it is important to note that there are certainly many forms of entertainment that are wholesome, clean, and uplifting; however, it is clearly evident that the vast majority of movies, TV shows, advertisements, commercials, websites, and even songs epitomize the immoral and negative impacts of our society’s entertainment that this article discusses. Because of this daily bombardment, it is not enough to just play games and participate in clean and wholesome entertainment because the immoral entertainment seems to always bombard us – whether we seek it out or not. We each must make a resolve to turn the TV off more, turn off the internet more, put down the magazine more, etc. and ensure that the negative influences of our society’s media and entertainment do not destroy who and what is most important in life – our family!

Matt is the founder of [http://www.Tips4Families.com/] – a website full of helpful parenting advice, fun games and activities, traditions and holiday ideas, and tips and articles for families everywhere. Matt is also the author of: “Great Games! 175 Games & Activities for Families, Groups, & Children.” To view the book and learn more, visit: [http://www.GreatGamesBook.com/]

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Choosing the Right Entertainer For Your Audience

To choose the best corporate entertainer/ entertainment for your Conference, Christmas Party or Gala dinner requires planning and research. Avoiding the mishap of a booking an inexperienced or horrible entertainer can be difficult. The advice you need to ensure your event is a success is contained in this article.

Booking an entertainer in advance is essential. Popular entertainers are often booked months or even years in advance. Upon setting the date for your corporate event, you should then immediately commence searching for the type of entertainment you need and want.

There are many types of corporate entertainment that you could choose for your party or event. Depending on your audience you may want to have a little humour on the night. A stand up comedian to be your MC may assist in lightening the mood. They can not only introduce all the other entertainers and speakers and keep the event in order but they could also do their own routine on the night. Ensure that the comedian or entertainer you select is appropriate for the audience for your corporate event.

A magician, hypnotist or illusionists can be a great novelty and source of entertainment on the night. Not only can they get the audience involved, they can keep the laughter rolling. These types of entertainers add a little class to the event. Magicians, illusionist or hypnotist shows are very interactive and to ensure success, the group should be outgoing and uninhibited. Quiet or shy groups are less likely to participate and have an aversion to going up on stage. So for these groups, this entertainment may not be suitable or enjoyable.

When booking the music for the event, whether you choose a band or DJ, ensure they are familiar with the group and music preference. Ask for a Demo or video of them at an event to ensure that that their music taste will be appropriate for the event your hosting. You may also want to ask for references. Asking for references should apply to all the entertainers your considering.

Generally speaking booking an entertainer directly as opposed to through and agent will avoid miscommunication. It will also allow you to meet with them personally to ensure that they are suited to your event. Often agencies will not allow you to meet the entertainer prior to the event. They add their fees to the overall cost of the entertainer. So by booking directly you could save money on your entertainment. Many entertainers are also willing to customise the performance which is something that is difficult to coordinate via an agent. There are also travel expenses when hiring entertainers. You will need to factor this into the cost of booking a specific entertainer.

To ensure that things run smoothly you should discuss what the entertainer requires on the night. Usually the venue can accommodate them with the sound and lighting equipment and microphones etc. However you should be aware of any other special set up requirement.

Your corporate entertainment should leave you guests excited and wanting more. So keeping the entertainers performance to 30 mins will ensure that guests aren’t bored.

Following these simple steps will assist you in making your event stand out with corporate entertainment that keeps you audience dancing, laughing and involved. Enjoy your next corporate event.

Nariman Taweel is an accomplished Trainer and Entrepreneur. To view more articles on events and event planning visit http://www.nusuevents.com.au .

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How to Book Entertainment For a Corporate Event

There are many inexperienced corporate entertainers out there and booking the best ones for your corporate event can be a challenging experience. Booking a motivational speaker or comedian who has generic experiences and no real unique message to pass on can be de-motivational for your audience. Many bad motivational speakers use their achievements in the work place which they embellish to inspire others and that’s it. Audiences can see through this and are usually unimpressed. To ensure that you find good entertainment follow some simple advice and avoid generic inexperienced entertainers that will more than likely have a negative effect on the audience than a positive one.

Planning early is necessary as the best corporate entertainers are often booked in advance. It is important to know the theme and type of entertainment you want as soon as possible as this will dictate the type of corporate entertainment you hire.

Once you have established the theme and focus of the event make a short list of the entertainers that will fulfill this. Briefing all the entertainers thoroughly is essential for them to tailor their material to suit the focus. Good corporate entertainers know how to match their material to the brief established. The brief should also include information about the audience which the entertainer is going to address. This could involve the company overview, the level of the participants in the company and any deficiencies which need particular attention. There is no point telling people things they already know.

Meet the entertainers in person is crucial. You will be able to establish in the meeting the level of professionalism of the entertainer, their attitude and whether this will fit in with the corporate culture as well as their likeability. Good entertainers are able to establish rapport immediately and make the audience like them. Likeability and attitude are important as it will determine how the audience will accept and connect with the entertainment.

Ask for references and level of experience. The corporate entertainer you choose should be a full time entertainer and should have performed at events like yours in the past. They will be able to supply you with a Demo of their work. Don’t be afraid to also request a dry run through before the event to make sure that the presentation meets the purpose for which it was intended. At the dry run through you should be able to suggest and make changes to the material.

Remember that people usually have a short attention span and can easily get distracted or bored. An experienced entertainer knows how to keep the audience engaged and also wanting more. A good presentation usually lasts between half an hour and forty minutes. Any longer will certainly make the audience distracted. If the entertainer has a longer presentation then they should present it in multiple parts as to ensure that the audiences, interest are maintained.

Stage craft is extremely important in corporate entertainment, as everyone wants to feel that presentation is directed at them. Experienced entertainers know how to work the stage. They know how to walk in and to command attention and are experts at keeping the audience on point and the crowd under control.

So when booking the corporate entertainment for your next event, ensure that you hire the best entertainment possible by following some simple guidelines. Ask as many questions as possible and book the entertainer that will make your event a success.

Nariman Taweel is an accomplished Trainer and Entrepreneur. To view more articles on events and event planning visit http://www.nusuevents.com.au.

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